D-Tech’s field-proven rotary steerable system consistently delivers superior performance, getting you to TD faster—with reduced risk, drilling time, downtime, and cost-per-foot.

Optimized Performance

Everything rotates and our near-bit directional package helps accurately place your wellbore within one quarter degree of inclination.

Improved Reliability

A marvel of streamlined engineering, the robust system minimizes NPT and reduces overall drilling risks.

Increased Ease of Use

Reduced complexity maximizes performance, reliability, and reduces maintenance headaches.

Why D-Tech?

D-Tech is not a service company, but rather a technology provider and performance enabler. Because we’re obsessed with optimizing your directional drilling programs, we’re constantly researching and developing ways to better deliver the most challenging directional, horizontal, and tight-tolerance vertical wells. This includes streamlining the design of our rotary steerable system for optimal performance, deploying ruggedized features to accommodate high shock and vibration, and tackling abrasive formations with improved wear resistance.

To further reduce nonproductive time and improve well construction, we offer training for your crew and critical support, as needed, throughout the drilling process, including pre-job support, onsite support, 24/7 remote support and post-job support.

We are in business to help you succeed. Put the capability and reliability of D-Tech in your hands.

Drilling Solutions

The D-Tech push-the-bit system delivers consistent, predictable build rates to drill high-quality wellbores faster and in fewer runs while reducing overall risk.

Increases footage per day

When combined with performance motors, drills longer wellbores faster to reliably reach TD quickly, while staying in the sweet spot longer.

Reduces risk

The extremely robust system can withstand high-shock events and operate in harsh drilling environments.

Increases flexibility

Universal plug-and-play system is compatible with virtually any bit, performance motor, MWD/LWD sensors, fluid system, etc.

Decreases NPT

Streamlined and robust design helps ensure highly reliable and predictable performance and maximizes footage-per-run.

Adds value

Operates in harsh drilling environments for longer periods without associated damages and costs.

Handles extreme doglegs

At 12 to 13 feet long, the D-Tech tool can easily maneuver through extreme doglegs without getting hung up.

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