The Evolution of D-Tech’s Continuously Improving Steering Body

The D-Tech Rotary Steerable team has been continuously improving the functionality, performance, and reliability of our tool, giving customers an easy-to-use solution that minimizes downtime and drilling costs.

Check out the evolution of our steering body over the years. Since day one, we’ve been focused on offering a solution with minimal moving parts to reduce the risk of failure.
– The first model of the D-Tech tool was originally designed to steer the well by opening the hole in a certain direction
– The Gen 1 D-Tech tool piston steering body was launched, providing a true RST
– By designing a common steering body for all sizes, D-Tech extended the life of the tool and reduced costs and turnaround times in high-volume land applications
– The cross-bolt design took the modular benefits of the Gen 3 steering body and increased the strength by 30%

The next-gen tool, which we introduced this year, increased the size of the flow galleries, resulting in 40% more steering force. It also added support structure across the middle of the steering body, increasing torsional strength by 42%.

Contact us for more information on how we can maximize performance on your next well.

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