Maximize Drilling Performance and Footage-Per-Run

With a focus on redefining how rotary steerable systems are utilized by the industry, D-Tech designed its system to exceed the demanding requirements of high-intensity land markets, especially in vertical, tangent, and lateral drilling applications. We stripped out as many failure points as possible and added the industry’s highest quality materials and components.

The D-Tech rotary steerable tool is the shortest, most streamlined system on the market today. Its 12- to 13-foot long, simple design, with only 10 moving parts, helps operators drill complex well profiles reliably, consistently, and accurately.

The fully rotating push-the-bit system is ruggedized for high vibration and shock, tackles abrasive formations that are known to be hard on tools, and is compatible with challenging mud systems. By virtually eliminating downhole lithium batteries, limitations on time below the rotary as well as HSE risks are minimized.

The system’s high dogleg capability helps build angle quickly and get to the lateral faster, with consistent and predictable build rates. Drilling longer wells with improved precision and hole quality means you can get casing to bottom faster, lowering your drilling costs.

The D-Tech system employs a highly accurate directional package that is positioned only four feet from the bit. This flexible system allows you to run your preferred MWD system and bit of choice. Easy to pick up and easy to use, the system arrives at the wellsite pre-configured to minimize operational errors and increase downhole performance.

An onsite D-Tech expert can provide performance advice, if requested. 24/7 remote surveillance is also available when tools are downhole to further improve performance and reduce NPT.


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