Check out the latest Tech Talk video with Amanda Howard, D-Tech’s Denver & Canada Business Development Manager, for a brief overview of how the D-Tech RST’s advancements are continuously increasing tool performance, ruggedness, longevity, and steering efficiency.


As she mentions in the video, the two data sets shown were acquired from an operator in West Texas who graciously allowed us to run both the previous-generation and the next-generation rotary steerable tools in the same 2.5-mile lateral to gain an apples-to-apples understanding of how the new D-Tech tool was improving performance.


After a planned bit trip in the lateral, we tripped back in with the next-gen RST to TD the well. In the graph for the next-gen tool (bottom), both shock and the tool’s tracking spread were significantly reduced.


The next-gen tool included several key advancements to improve reliability and performance, including ruggedizing the PSU and PCU boards, continuous software upgrades, and a new method to stabilize the chassis.


At D-Tech, our only focus is Rotary Steerable Tools. We’re never just satisfied with the status quo or just meeting expectations. Our entire team wants to continuously improve, upgrade, and fine-tune our tools to ensure we are offering our partners the most robust, reliable, and affordable tools on the market.


Please contact your sales representative if you want learn more about how you can reduce downtime and maximize performance on your next well.