Optimized BHAs Help Ensure Maximum Performance

D-Tech is focused on providing the best possible solution throughout your drilling lifecycle. To help improve overall well performance and minimize nonproductive time (NPT) and risks, the D-Tech team works to align itself with our customers’ goals and objectives from the very beginning.

In addition to offering a streamlined, easy-to-use rotary steerable system, we work with operators during the pre-well phase to ensure that the D-Tech system complements the rest of their bottomhole assembly (BHA). Because the D-Tech system is compatible with the majority of drill bits, MWD/LWD systems, fluid systems, etc., you have virtually unlimited BHA design capabilities.

Our rapid response provides fast deployment—minimizing the time from your call to running tools in hole. After a downhole run, we subject each system to a 100% teardown and buildup, using new critical components throughout. Streamlined repair processes allow us to turn a tool around in under eight hours, improving tool availability. A single control unit design is interchangeable across all tool sizes, improving simplicity and ease of maintenance. Tools are configured in the shop before dispatch to your location, reducing the risk of programming errors and eliminating onsite preparation time.

After the end of each job, D-Tech experts debrief your team using a post-run checklist. This is essential for reviewing performance and identifying possible improvements for the next well.

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