Maximize Performance and Fleet Utilization with Versatile RST

For independent service companies who need a dedicated fleet of robust and flexible rotary steerable tools to be competitive, D-Tech helps them easily bridge the technology gap with multiple leasing and sales options.

Leveraging its extensive rental business and customer-centric approach to product development, D-Tech offers its reliable RST to clients, allowing them to provide operators with an efficient system that drills high-quality wellbores in the sweet spot with minimal downtime and cost-per-foot.

The system includes just 10 moving parts, while its fully rotating push-the-bit construction reduces complexity and minimizes failure points. With fewer headaches, service companies can stay in-hole longer, making smoother drilling more efficient.

A single D-Tech RST can drill vertical, curved, tangent, and lateral well profiles, with specific configurations for higher build rates and ruggedized tools to fit most operations. It can withstand high-shock events without risking damage and can be integrated with third-party MWD/LWD systems for real-time directional and diagnostic data. Every component of the RST has been thoughtfully designed and tested for maximum longevity and field operation.

The RST’s proven track record of accuracy comes from a three-axis near-bit direction package, which helps keeps the wellbore within the production zone. A minimal but flexible architecture makes the RST accessible to a more versatile range of clients and fleet configurations.

D-Tech uses only the most durable components in its RST, further simplifying maintenance. Maintaining the system after each run helps preserve its pinpoint accuracy and overall reliability. These post-run services take less than a day to complete, with less parts, compared to many other tools that take a week or more to service, further improving tool utilization.

D-Tech’s value-driven innovation extends beyond equipment to provide the highest level of customer service. Every tool lease and purchase comes with the training and equipment necessary to maintain it. Leasing and purchasing terms are flexible, making fleet ownership easier than ever before.

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