D-Tech Rotary Steerable recently completed its first real-time connectivity run with Tensor.


Running its RST675 tool with an 8.75-in. Tensor MWD system, they successfully drilled 6,491 ft in a difficult Oklahoma intermediate in one run.

In addition to securing near-bit inclination and azimuth measurements in real time, the D-Tech/Tensor combo achieved:

– D&I measurements 4 to 5 ft from the bit

– 75 total drilling hours

– Nonrotating real-time data: INC, AZM, GRAV, DIP, MagF, BatV, & temp

– Rotating/logging sequence: Gamma, DLD, Gama, DDXR, DDC, Gama, DINC, DXMC, Gama, DCR, DGV, Gama, DINC

– D-Tech RST675 transmitted data: last downlink, Delta RPM, downlink counter, INC, D-Tech electrical health variable, collar RPM

– Only nine downlinks sent


Please contact your sales representative if you want learn more about how you can reduce downtime and maximize performance with this truly plug-and-play tool on your next well.