D-Tech RST Eliminates Two BHAs and Five Drilling Days

The Challenge

  • The Delaware Basin is a highly interbedded reservoir, consisting of high shale, sandstone, and limestone.
  • Target windows are getting smaller and energy transfer is an ever-increasing obstacle to overcome to effectively and efficiently steer.
  • 7 7/8-in. laterals can also be challenging since tools that hold up to today’s performance standards are limited.


The Solution

  • The operator had traditionally used multiple bottomhole assemblies (BHA) due to harsh drilling dynamics and constant steering corrections.
  • D-Tech was chosen to complete the 7 7/8-in. section because they were able to provide an affordable, user-friendly, high-performance, and robust rotary steerable system (RST).
  • Working with the operator, the D-Tech team decided to run a made-for-purpose RST650 tool, which reduced BHA utilization by increasing drilling efficiencies.


The Benefit

  • By utilizing the D-Tech RST, the customer’s lateral was drilled ahead of schedule and budget.
  • In addition to shaving five days off AFE and reducing the number of BHAs and associated trips, they stayed in the window 100% of the time.
  • The operator has since expanded D-Tech to multiple rigs.


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