D-Tech RSS Cuts Four Drilling Days for Operator in Zavala County

The Challenge

  • An operator was looking for a cost-effective rotary steerable system (RSS) to more effectively drill the lateral section of their Zavala County wells.
  • On previous wells, sliding in the second half of the lateral was greatly reducing their rate of penetration (ROP), which increased the number of drilling days.
  • D-Tech RSS was selected for its robustness and ability to plug-n-play into the directional company’s bottomhole assembly (BHA).

The Solution

  • The D-Tech team worked closely with the operator and directional company to build the optimal BHA, which utilized a motor and bit that would fit their needs without limiting options.
  • A 7/8 6.9 0.24 rev mud motor and 8.5-in. drill bit were paired with the D-Tech RSS to maximize ROP while still allowing for excellent steering control.
  • The operator was able to drill the lateral section (11,566 ft) in one run while maintaining ideal wellbore placement, drilling in a 5 ft up and down/15 ft left and right target window.

The Benefit

  • The D-Tech system’s reliability and accuracy allowed the customer to maximize on-bottom time, limiting sliding time and reducing days in the lateral, while staying in the zone.
  • Drilling and circulating time was reduced to 101.42 hrs.
  • Utilizing D-Tech RSS, the lateral section was drilled in one BHA and saved the operator four drilling days.

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