D-Tech Helps Save Seven Days For a Delaware Basin Operator

The Challenge

An operator drilling in the Wolfcamp formation of the Delaware Basin needed to eliminate sliding time and reach total depth (TD) as quickly as possible to eliminate rig costs and reduce their authorization for expenditures (AFE).

The customer also needed to efficiently geosteer the well into the production zone of this notoriously interbedded formation, and remain in the target while holding the desired hole direction.

D-Tech Rotary Steerable was contacted to complete the operation due to their previous successes in the Basin.

The Solution

The D-Tech team worked with the customer’s drilling engineers, company men, and superintendents to identify the best bottomhole assembly (BHA) that would provide consistent performance and reliability in this challenging application.

By optimizing the BHA and supporting the operation with 24-hour remote monitoring to ensure that optimized steering modes were used, the D-Tech rotary steerable system (RST) was utilized at its maximum capability.

The D-Tech RST successfully placed the 7,374-ft lateral in 113 drilling hours, which was ahead of the planned AFE.

The Benefit

The RST maintained steering control and smooth energy transfer, while staying in-zone 100% of the time.

By reducing doglegs in the lateral and eliminating sliding, the operator drilled a smooth and clean wellbore.

The D-Tech rotary steerable tool not only met but exceeded the operator’s expectations, finishing seven days ahead of goal and saving operating time and money.

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