D-Tech RST900 Successfully Delivers Vertical Tangent and Curve Sections

D-Tech RST900 Successfully Delivers Vertical Tangent and Curve Sections For Middle East Client

The Challenge

  • Rukun Al Yaqeen International Oil & Gas L.L.C. (RAY) was drilling the 12 ¼-in. section of a well through challenging carbonate formations for an operator in Oman.
  • They needed to maintain verticality until the kickoff point and then complete the curve section in one run.
  • The D-Tech rotary steerable system was chosen because of its previous success in this environment.

The Solution

  • D-Tech worked with the customer to determine the optimal bottomhole assembly (BHA) and recommended its RST900 system.
  • The D-Tech rotary steerable assembly drilled 1291m (4,235 ft), maintaining inclination below 0.5° until the kickoff point, with an average dogleg severity (DLS) of 0.13°/30m.
  • The tool then drilled the curve at an average of 19m/hr and up to 57° inclination, delivering up to 3.71°/30m DLS until the BHA was pulled for a worn bit.

The Benefit

  • The D-Tech system successfully completed 2091m (6,860 ft) in 110.3 drilling hours and 185 drilling and circulating hours, without the aid of a downhole motor.
  • The tool demonstrated its flexibility and ability to reliably drill a controlled vertical section, kickoff, and build section in a single run.
  • The operator plans to utilize the RST900 tool in several of their upcoming drilling projects.

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