Why Rotary Steerable?

Why Rotary Steerable?

The complexity and extended reach of many of today’s directional wells has far exceeded what is possible with conventional mud motor techniques. Rotary steerable solutions can meet these changing and challenging demands, providing clear advantages for operators, both technically and economically.

D-Tech’s rotary steerable solutions enable operators to drill faster, further and smoother, with increased precision and system reliability.

Rotary steerable VS traditional drilling solutions


  • Rotary steerable tools enable operators to drill faster by eliminating the sliding time associated with conventional bent motors
  • By using a rotary steerable tool, operators can run a more aggressive bit and motor combination, enabling them to further increase rate of penetration (ROP)


  • Rotary steerable tools are proven to drill longer wellbores than conventional bent motors, with a more consistent ROP independent of wellbore length


  • The continuous rotation of a rotary steerable tool creates a smoother and straighter wellbore than drilling with conventional bent motors while minimizing dogleg
  • Operators benefit from a reduced torque and drag, allowing more weight transfer to the bit and further increasing ROP and wellbore length


  • An added advantage of drilling with a rotary steerable tool is increased reliability of the entire BHA
  • By removing the bend from the motor, vibrations are reduced throughout the BHA. This helps increase mean time between failures (MTBF) and reduce repair and maintenance costs