Why D-Tech?

Why D-Tech?

D-Tech’s drive to enable its customers to achieve drilling accuracy and reliability while adding value, underpins the company’s ethos to deliver truly innovative and robust rotary steerable solutions. The company exists to provide rotary steerable solutions that drill faster, smoother and straighter for a greater return on investment.

In its desire to continually improve drilling performance and meet the needs of the industry, innovation is at the heart of the D-Tech operation. Years of oilfield technology development combined with a dedicated R&D function ensures it develops targeted functionality, to address the needs of customers now and in the future. As a result, D-Tech’s range of high precision and performance tools provide customers with optimum functionality for maximum return.



Achieving drilling accuracy helps operators reduce costs and maximize value. D-Tech’s rotary steerable tools facilitate pinpoint accuracy through:

  • A 3-axis accelerometer package located 4ft from the drill bit to continually record inclination
  • The inclination measurement is used as the basis of a closed-loop control system to maintain directional control to within a few feet of the target, resulting in increased wellbore production


D-Tech understands the value of tool reliability for operators. The company achieves this by:

  • Continuous investment in R&D to significantly reduce non-productive time (NPT) for customers
  • Extensive and robust testing procedures to ensure the high reliability rate of D-Tech’s tools

Targeted functionality

Targeted functionality is essential for giving customers greater margins and increased profitability. D-Tech provides this through:

  • The simple design of the D-Tech product line, which removes the complexities of traditional rotary steerable tools and ensures an optimized level of functionality
  • The D-Tech RST has been designed to be a standalone package without the need for integration with measurement while drilling (MWD) tools

Ease of use

The ease at which the D-Tech product line can be picked up, programmed and controlled is essential for adding value to customers. D-Tech’s rotary steerable tools achieve this by:

  • The D-Tech RST is fully programmed in the shop prior to deployment. This enables a ‘pick up and go’ nature at the rig site without the need for a high-side or scribing procedure. In fact a D-Tech BHA can be picked up quicker than a conventional motor BHA
  • The ability to be controlled via an intuitive, easy-to-use software application available for iOS and Android platforms, eliminating the need for expensive surface equipment